Recent Photos

Explore our recent photos gallery featuring a stunning collection of kitchen cabinet designs. From beautifully painted styles to exquisite stained finishes, our customers’ projects demonstrate the endless possibilities for your own kitchen. Discover the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each cabinet, whether you prefer a distinctive paint combination, a timeless stained finish, or a customized door style. Let these inspiring images spark your creativity and guide you towards creating a truly unique and remarkable kitchen design.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

This is a sampling of painted cabinet designs we’ve created for our customers. Using paints and glazes, you can create a variety of styles. Our craftsmen can match any color for a perfect fit in your design.

Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Why not choose a stained finish for your cabinets? There’s no better way to show off the craftsmanship that went into your cabinets than with a beautifully stained finish. This gallery gives you some examples of the styles our customers have designed. It’s a great place to get some ideas for your own project.

Door Styles

If you can design it, we can create it. Here are some examples of door styles created for our customer’s kitchens. Choose any stain, or combine paints and glazes to create your own distinctive style. This gallery can give you some ideas to jump start your creativity.